A Touchy Subject

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Being told to drink less is a touchy subject for some people, says Kelly Hogan, registered dietitian.

“A lot of people rely on it as a stress reliever. It can create a little panic,” she says.

If that’s the case identify why you’re drinking.

Perhaps drinking is triggered by anxiety or depression.
Treat the cause, says Natalie Ledesma.

“If you understand [why you’re drinking] you can say no thank you or have sparkling water instead,” Ledesma says.

You can toast, celebrate and unwind without alcohol in your wine glass, say dietitians specializing in cancer treatment.

Emphasize the ritual of having a festive drink, sitting down and relaxing, not the alcohol, Ledesma says.

Bring out your special occasion champagne flute or wine glass and sip something healthful.

Kelly Hogan recommends kombucha, a fermented tea.

“Its fizziness and variety of different flavors can hit the spot, and bonus! You’re also doing something healthy for your gut,” says Hogan. 

Create non-alcoholic versions of your favorite drinks, says Ledesma, who suggests a virgin mojito with sparkling water, lime and mint.

“You feel you’re enjoying yourself,” she says.
Experiment mixing sparkling soda with lime, berries cucumber. Something enjoyable, Ledesma says.
She also suggests cold herbal teas as an after-work drink.

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