Questions to Ask Your Doctor and Insurance Provider

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10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

1. Which of these treatments are you offering for me, and me?
2. What are the different options?
3. How much will they cost? Who in the office can I ask to find out?
4. If you recommend one, why is that?
5. What are the side effects?
6. How long will treatments last?
7. How will this treatment affect my work?
8. What is the plan to manage side effects from treatment?
9. How much time will I spend in the hospital and away from work?
10. When I resume work, will my activities be restricted?

9 Questions for Your Insurance Provider

1. Is my doctor considered an in-network or out-of-network provider?
2. What costs are covered for office visits, and how much? What about blood draws? Chemotherapy? Hospital stays?
3. What co-pays will I be responsible for?
4. What is my deductible?
5. What is the process for reimbursement?
6. Is there a cap on my coverage? What happens if I reach it?
7. How do pharmacy discount cards impact my coverage?
8. Is getting a second opinion covered by insurance?
9. If I choose to join a clinical trial, what costs would be covered?