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Remember the Mammogram

Counseling, doctor-generated reminders increase screening rates in low-income women.


Don't Come Back Again

After cancer, exercise and weight loss could lead to increased chances of long-term survival and help decrease odds of a second cancer battle.


The Cancer-Exercise Link

What effect might exercise have on cancer?


To Snack or Not To Snack?

Could forgoing between-meal nibbles be better for your health?


Write to Heal

In an effort to help women heal the emotional turmoil of a breast cancer diagnosis, experts suggest journaling the journey.


Questions to Ask Your Doctor and Insurance Provider

Want peace of mind during treatment? Get answers to these vital questions.


Coping With Cost

Tips and strategies for managing the cost of cancer treatment


What to Eat

Foods that do the best job of nourishing our bodies may, at the same time, cause certain cancers to "starve" - at least in a figurative sense.


A Touchy Subject

How to talk with a loved one about drinking less.

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