Detra Young

When I think of pink I am constantly thinking about my parents .They were very patient and never once complain about their battle with cancer .my father henry young was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1996 and he had his treatments and survive. Then like around the winter of 2014 my daddy was having scratchy throat and his voice was always going so I say daddy it too long for your throat too be hoarse, so we made appt in new year 2015at V.A and when they went in his throat they saw something, and it was stage 1 throat cancer. so been that my mother was a nurse she told daddy years ago too do radiation cause that chemotherapy is something rough on a my daddy started his 21treatment radiation at Holling cancer center and he once again beat cancer .he is twice a daddy pass away on sept 1.2015 natural mom went for her yearly pap smear in 2008 and they saw something in her uterus and she had cancer but it hadn't spread so it was caught in time so she had surgery and she survive and lived for some months and died of congested heart failure in when I think of pink I think of my parents who loved me and always encourage me too get yearly checks up and go too the doctor on a regular basis. ‪#‎thinkpinkmomdad‬