Blair Lord

Brave. Courageous. A Fighter. A mother. A grandmother, a Nonnie. A Rose. Rosanne (Rose ) Smith Lord, the mother of my late husband, was diagnosed with breast cancer when my husband was a teenager. But she was so much more than the cancer that would eventually take her life. She was a kind, loving woman whose first priority was her family, a family she would sacrifice anything for, even when she was at her sickest. She underwent numerous chemotherapy treatments to attack the breast cancer that would spread to her bones and ultimately to her liver which finally took her life. But Rose never stopped living. She took care of her children, her home, and her friends as long as her body would allow. Rose was a musician, a conversationalist, a lover of laughter. She was a disciple of Jesus Christ and she carried the love of God in her heart. Cancer may have ravaged her body but it did not suppress her spirit. She had her winter on earth, but, at the age of 67, she became a rose, her spring and resurrection to eternal life had come. God bless the time He gave us with her. Her lessons of perseverance and courage will last for many, many generations. In the end, cancer did not win, the foe was vanquished and Rose was the winner.