Agnes F. Nelson

I am a breast cancer survivor; am in good health and active in daily life. I am 91 years old.
In 1976, I had my annual checkup in the GYN Clinic of the Naval Hospital in Charleston. As a military dependent of an active duty sergeant at Charleston Air Force Base, I used the hospital whenever I had a need.
The doctor gave me a good report, then asked me if the doctor of the GYN could check me out, as he had a question to verify his findings.
The head officer of the GYN Clinic came, checked me and quietly remarked, “You have breast cancer”, the both doctors agreed, surgery for breast removal should be as soon as possible. I was scheduled for surgery the following week. All went well, and I was discharged from the hospital to heal at home! The doctor stated I should have a test six months later and then each year.
Today, at 91 years old, I am well and able to take care of myself and help my 93-year-old husband of 61 years. God spared me, and I learned that health checkups should not be dismissed. The love and support of family and friends gave me a new lease on life and God gave me another chance to live life to my fullest. Praise the Lord. I love cooking and baking, do limited gardening and crafts. Life is good, and I’m happy my husband is in good health too, and joins me on the road to life.
We live by faith!