Cindy Lockaby

Doris Flowers
My client ,my best friend. I lost her to Brest Cancer 14 years ago. Doris had Breast implants and she was so proud of her new Breast that she came into my salon to show us her new Breast.
Years later she had A mammogram and there was A lump in her Breast. She would not take out the implants so she had A lumpectomy and things went well for A while.
She fell and broke her ankle . That year I pushed her in her wheel chair in the race downtown in 1998 as A survivor. Weeks later she came into my salon carrying her shirt and hat telling me she was not A survivor. The reason her ankle wouldn't heal was because she had cancer in her bones. That was the start of "chemo"
and radiation.
She fought to stay alive for her grand-daughter and family. She was told she would loose her hair . Doris was know for her hair.She had big hair .So she ask me to trim her hair,I told her we need to cut it close ,but there was no way. The next day she called me crying and said her hair was all over her pillow. She came in the shop and I shaved her head.I cried and she cried. Time went by and her hair grew back and was so cute ,gray and Curley.She always had her hair bleached, and got perms too. This was A new look for her and she did not like it.
Her hair finely grew out and we went back to lightening it again. All seemed to be going well till she had A scan and the cancer was in her brain. Well she lost her hair again and the battle just got worst. In the end she asked me to get her A wig that looked like the way she wore her hair. She didn't want to leave this world with out her hair. I got A wig just like her hair. I took it to her house to get her approveal. She told me to put it on her. She was in A hospital bed on morphine for pain. I placed the wig on her head and fixed it and handed her A mirror ,she looked in it and all she could say " that is a lot of hair". Her daughter Lisa by her side said it looks just like your hair Mom. We all laugh. That was the last time I seen my friend alive.
Her family asked me to do hair for her viewing and it was A honor to do her hair and makeup and nails. And to have her family to tell me ,She Looked Beautiful. As my friend I know that is what Doris would want everyone who knew her to say. She looked Beautiful , because she was.
I have done the race every year in her memory , it's still A honor. For my best friend Doris Flowers. Her Hairdresser Cindy Lockaby